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Lapple, Kirk Kirk F. Lapple, Attorney at Law (949)363-5900(949)363-5901 
Larson, Deborah Capistrano Connections Academy (949)461-1667(949)240-7895 
Latin, CFP, CKA, Ronald S. Liberty Capital Management (949)337-4216 
Leal, Angel Pavilions (949)448-9244 
Leber, Bill American Advisors Group (714)813-7555 
Lee, Esther American Lung Association In California (714)933-1011 
Lee, Stacy Cirque du Soleil (323)207-8591 
Leeches, Mike Quality Motors European Service (949)364-3636(949)364-5298 
Lehmann, Sean The Sullivan Group - Investments (949)388-1888 
Lemkuil, Paula Belmont Village Senior Living (949)643-1050 
Leone, Ginny Essex Realty Management, Inc. (949)586-9650 
Letourneau, Tamara City of Laguna Niguel (949)362-4300(949)362-4352 
Lian, Lauren & Chris Asian Kitchen (949)441-7138 
Lieb, Susan Burnham Ward Properties, LLC (949)388-3663 
Lincoln, Chris McDowell School (949)495-5162(949)495-6733 
Linhardt, Carl Swipe Merchant Services, Corp (949)347-9473(949)347-9479 
List, Erik City of Laguna Niguel (949)362-4322 
Lobo, Titus Morgan Stanley (949)365-5379 
Lochrie, Brian CommunicationsLAB (949)215-5539 
Locricchio, Joe Tony Pepperoni (949)349-9000 
Lopez, Joone Moulton Niguel Water District (949)831-2500(949)831-5651 
Lopez CFP, David S. South Orange County Financial Planning (949)542-3316(949)613-7358 
Loynes, Jim Allen Family Automotive Group (949)485-3700 
Lungo, Marty Marinelli Fine Jewelry (949)443-4030(949)443-4039 
Lyu, Dexter PostalAnnex Laguna Niguel (949)600-7037 

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