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Gaitanis, Elizabeth Tastes of Greece (949)495-2244 
Gaitanis, Giannis Tastes of Greece (949)495-2244(949)495-2244 
Gales, Gloria Catalina Appraisal Service (949)715-0308 
Gallette, Amber Carr Workplaces (949)365-5600(949)365-5601 
Gameroz, Jan MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center (949)452-7405 
Ganish, Gilad Forbes, LP (949)510-8255 
Gaona, Norma First Bank (949)448-5180(949)448-5181 
Gardner, Steve AllSize Storage (949)364-6219 
Garnreiter, Debra Laguna Niguel Military Support Foundation (480)773-4460 
Garza, Frank P.V. Maintenance, Inc. (949)635-2919(949)635-2930 
Gaul, Robert BrandU (714)300-4256 
Gemora, April Creative Home Care (949)525-7206 
Gennawey, City Council Member Elaine City of Laguna Niguel (949)362-4300 
Gennawey, CRPC®, Elaine Stratos Wealth Partners (949)636-3841(949)407-4879 
Gerard, Michael Laguna Niguel Lifestyle (949)656-3239 
Gertsen, Tom & Leeanne Reflections Video Productions (949)916-5807(949)643-9108 
Giglio, Alison City of Laguna Niguel (949)425-5108 
Golden, Jenifer Renaissance Theatre Company (949)415-6281 
Golden, Jeremy Renaissance Theatre Company (949)415-6281 
Goldscharek, Trisha On Call (949)305-5673 
Goller, Malinda Partners Bank of California (949)732-4604(949)732-4605 
Gomez, CMC, Eileen C. City of Laguna Niguel (949)362-4301 
Gonzalez, Juan Southern California Gas Company (949)448-8509 
Gordon, Stacy On Target Indoor Shooting Range, LLC (949)348-0352(949)348-0546 
Greyson, Amy Richards, Watson & Gershon (213)626-8484 
Griffin, T. Powers Griffin Optometric Group (949)495-3031(949)495-9238 
Grupe BCN, PScD, CCI, Amy B. Soulful Wellness, LLC (949)233-1752 
Gullett, Michell Renaissance ClubSport (949)330-5525 

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