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Eyelash Extensions

Longmi Lashes
27221 La Paz Road, Suite D
Laguna Niguel CA 92677
Daniel Dinh
Other Contacts: Kaitlynn Deaton

Map  Member Since 2018 

About Us...
"I came into this world to do lashes." So says Daniel Dinh, the owner and CEO of Longmi Lashes. First touching down in Minnesota from Vietnam in 1992 with his twin brother Jimmy, Daniel Dinh, the owner and CEO of Longmi Lashes, found himself drawn to California in 2002, where he soon began practicing the art of Eyelash Extensions in 2004. With the help of Priscila Presley, the man affectionately known as the Eyelash Guru by his noteworthy clientele of fame, fortune, and prestige -- Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, and Steven Tyler, to name a few -- became the first to earn a patent for his art and soon found himself on Rodeo Drive in 90210, the very heart of Beverly Hills. You can even see his name and artwork splashed across multiple eye-catching magazines: Time, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Allure, Essence, In-Touch, are just a sampling. After wow-ing the locals of La La Land with his techniques, products, and personality, Daniel began to spread his reach far and wide, teaching with his now nine patents and opening shops across the country. And so it is with this wisdom that our Artist, Philosopher, Innovator, Teacher, and now successful entrepreneur returns home again. That's right, folks! The twin from Twin City, is home again! But where exactly has he been and just who has he met? The autographed photographs decorating our walls tell the tale. But let's not reveal too much, too soon. Come on in to find out. Longmi Lashes, Beverly Hills, 90210, where the stars are born, now in Laguna Niguel.

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