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Health & Wellness

Soulful Wellness, LLC
Amy B. Grupe BCN, PScD, CCI

 Member Since 2017 


StretchLab Laguna Niguel
30271 Golden Lantern, Suite C
Laguna Niguel CA 92677
Sid & Bev Kritzstein, Owners
Other Contacts: Meaghan Arabejo, General Manager

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Map  Member Since 2018 

About Us...
StretchLab is NOW OPEN in Laguna Niguel at the Laguna Heights Marketplace! StretchLab is a fun, open and communal studio that focuses only on stretching! Increasing your flexibility and range of motion through one on one assisted stretching sessions or innovative and fun group stretching classes. Our one on one sessions are 25 or 50 minutes and you work with one of our highly trained Flexologists who will guide you through a series of stretches customized for your needs. In our Flexologist-led small format group classes, you will have fun and learn proper stretch tool use.

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